Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great news

Sooo i might be able to stay in my house that I'm in right now. which would make me so happy. My boy friend and i were going to move out to his moms :( cause i lost my job and we wanted to also save some money to move to Tucson. But i guess our landlord doesn't want us to move out cause of how bad the economy is. So we are working on figuring out a price to stay here. I mean we want to stay here but only if we get a good deal. We need to save up . Its not for sure yet. And i need to get a job Yikes!! scary I hate looking for a job . I haven't don't that for years! Ive only worked 3 jobs in my life and all of them was for about 3 years each. Sadly i prob wont have the greatest job. maybe working at a grocery store. I want to work with kids again. So I'm going to look at daycare type places.

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