Saturday, January 2, 2010

The best girls night out!

Adie becky me laurel :) gangsta

totally blurry

i dislike this one of me

Brew pub becky is so funny !

beckys ring so pretty

Laurel and i so dorky

kids Ive known since 8th grade

caylan omg such a dork

cute <3

Ah becky i missed you!

My lovely laurel. my new drinking friend

It was a rare opportunity to see all these gals at one time!!! old time friends since high school and a little bit of 8th grade. We went around our little downtown and had drinks. we had soo much fun. I miss this. i wish i could do this every weekend. unforchantly we dont all live in prescott. We did this about 4 years ago. we all got together and went to a old helicopter and did yoga or tried to anywas lol!! I wonder if we will get to see each other next year. ......


  1. for some reason i cant edit this post it keeps doing this error thing. weird anyways i meant to say helicopter pad

  2. Awww, Heather! I had such a great time! Thanks for these pictures, too! I will cherish them :)

  3. ya it was fun im glad us 4 made it to the end!!