Monday, January 25, 2010

just some photos for the day

I like how my eyes turned out!

winter wonderland in prescott az

my love jeff

amazing snow!
ariana and her new puppy sheba.. so cute
wearing my bright orange armani x change jacket
beans, jeffs cat shes a priss

christmas time nails. i didnt like this nailpolish kinda cheapo

after i cut my bangs. i prefer my profile
this is one of my fav shots. i made it nice somehow
this is a painting i did of flyint lotus. i wasnt too into the finishing of this painting

me back in the day when i had a job and a life


  1. I LOVE the snow photographs! I wish I was there (...well, sortof...hehe)!

  2. yea it was kinda an annoying snow storm.