Tuesday, January 5, 2010

lets sparkle baby make em envy!

This is a dress i found at a thrift store. and it actually looks nothing like the way it looks. its a halter dress thats huge maybe even a huge halter shirt dress for some one who is bigger than i. so i tied the halter part in front into a bow. and then i put a belt around the waist so it didnt look like i was swimming in it. the bottom is ripped all around so it shows that grey material. it works! I wore this to a party once. but then i wore a pink leotard underneith cause that thing was sooo itchy.


  1. Hey there! Thanks a lot for following my blog : ) I followed you back! You seem really interesting-I love phoootography too!
    I hope we'll stay in touch!

  2. How cute are you? You could def. model lady!

    Now following your blog :-)