Friday, January 15, 2010

project runway and models of the runway

Did any one watch that last night? Ive only seen episodes here and there so i decided to actually watch it from the beginning. One thing i don't get is why isn't there straight men making cloths. Nothing against the gays but you never see that. Any ways i was excited to watch it, Jeff on the other hand was not. lol The intro was kinda lame . im just like common!! i want to see the cloths! Most of the people did good. There is one guy on there that i cant stand already!! hes this rocker guy with a fohawk. hes always saying its going to look like rock and roll blah blah. totally lame. and the dress he made was kinda cute but it looked like something for walmart or maybe Ross.

one of my faves was this girl. she looked cute and dressed cute so i knew she would make cute cloths. sorry i couldn't get a full photo of the cloths.

And the models of the runways come on next. I love anything that has to do about modeling!! So i watched while Jeff made fun of crying girls. i would have to say that some of these models don't look like models. most models are pretty or weird pretty but some of them were just average looking girls and some even manly looking. Sadly the person who lost of project runway last night also lost her model. In the end she didn't get picked and all the designers picked there same model that they started with. I cant wait for next weeks episode!!

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