Thursday, October 29, 2009


I am pretty damn hungry right now still in my pajamas laying on my bed. its pretty in my room. but i know its prob like 30 deg outside. sadly i dont have any eggs or cheese or even cereal to eat for breakfast. I dont know if i should go to safeway and spend way more than i would at any other place or just go to toasties and get a yummy croissant with egg and bacon. mmmm sounds good. ive been home now for 2 weeks with no work. its weird cause its going to by super fast. wish i had a car then it wouldnt matter how cold it is. but im on foot for bike. i will have to make up my mind. i miss going shopping. i want cloths. i cant wait to be making money again


  1. those are my m j boots no no not Michel Jackson or Michel Jordan Marc Jacobs see the mj so cute and the m's