Wednesday, October 28, 2009

with out a job

I'm sitting at home today trying to not think about how cold it is outside. it feels like 30 deg! And whats really on my mind is me not having a job. I have been out of work not for two weeks.I haven't done much either. I'm feeling stuck in this town called Prescott. i have a few friends but no one who really gives a shit about me.I know some people love this town. It does have some good qualities. but as long i have lived here its been nothing but awkwardness and drama with so called friends. i don't know is it me? I'm quiet and shy. i never understood why people don't like me. Am i intimidating or bitchy or fierce looking. i didn't think soo. any ways trying to figure stuff out right now. Jeff and i are going up and down and its sucks. things have never been so stressful. we are planing on moving to Tucson. in fact i would like to go in a month. i don't want to look for a job here so i can move and look for another job. ahh Tucson its soo nice there in the winter. 70 deg sounds good to me. lots of people up there i know too. i wish i has some girly friends too.


  1. Me too... you guys are me buds!

  2. yea i know that. im talking about my friends girl friends