Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here they are!

hello!! so here are a bunch of things that are important to me.
cute par jacobs little bag and mj sunglasses and a retro ashtray
amazing head phones by bose!
my two favorite coats guess coat from jeff for christmas and my Armani xhange coat i got for 10 $!!!
pictures of my boyfriend Jeff and my kitty
my chanel purse might be fake oh well it doesnt look fake. couldnt find a code on it. my painting of J dilla R.I.P !! and my lola box lol
my other shoes oh and cant forget the marc jacobs boots on the left!
found these also at a nice thrift store bcbgirls very nice :)
cute bow!
found these at a nice thrift store for 20! not even used and they were org abou 120$
got these from jeff for my b day last year! so cute! from DSW.com
my marc jacobs wedges. i was just out of high school when i got these as a graduation gift from my dad. i remember seeing them in teen vogue and fell in love!! they are about 5 inch heel!!
the best closet ive ever had!! not much in there right now! lol
my marc jacobs chain braclet, serpent braclet and ring!! my favs!
my grandmas watch the only diamonds i have!! very old and Beautiful!
Sugar Lip Gloss in Sugar Baby and Smash box lip gloss in Fire
from left : Nicoleby opi -show you care, O.P.I Malasian Mist, Sephora for opi I'm with brad, Nicole for opi coco a go, O.P.I Big Apple Red, and sallyhanson in Baroque Bronze.
The only shampoo and conditioner that works for my hair Fekkai glossing
My necessities Philosophy purity face wash, Fekkai glossing cream for hair -its amazing! Dr. haushcka rose day cream for winter days, Dr. haushcka chap stick, and hope in a jar face cream- it does wonders!!!
M.A.C lustre gloss in venetian, M.A.C gloss i like to use on my eyes, and the purple eye shadow
oooooh macro of gold b.m.
macro shot og mac
b.m from top left heart, saucy, queen tiffany,1990's, true gold and m.a.c Creme de Violet eye colors
close up :)
Bare minerals face glimmer in true and benifit Coralista are my fave blush
Bare Minerals foundation its my fav!!

a few of my favorite perfumes Marc Jacobs Lola and Tom ford Black Orchid


  1. Dude! You should totally be a photographer! These pictures are so awesome! You have the eye!