Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Sorry i haven't been posting things. I've been pretty upset and some what depressed. Jeffy and i are moving out of this house that is awesome. and moving into Jeff's moms which isn't so awesome. no privacy, no room for most of our stuff. only bed a end table lamp cloths and my bathroom stuff. sooo sad. going from a 3 bedroom house to one room to ourselves. and i need to start packing. and it seems like every time its Christmas or thanksgiving it has to be shitty!!! I'm still pissed of at the people who i can blame this for. Janice and Edd!! Those ass holes, they took every ones job from underneath them . and i few i still talk to still don't have jobs. and on top of all this i have to get a job soon. I'm going crazy staying home everyday. i hate the winter also. it makes me sad. then we move to Tucson after a few months of living at moms. that sounds kind of exciting but there is more cons then pros. but Prescott is a bore! really wish i could just go to CA and live there. and i can try and model and sell my art. i feel stuck like i cant do what "I" want to do. so anyways hope to post some photos soon of my things

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