Wednesday, December 16, 2009

omg my freaking gums hurt

So ive had my wisdom teeth coming in for a while. or lets say years since i was 20 Ive been going threw hell . its been 3 days now and im going crazy . after a while pain killers dont work. ice doesnt work, numbing stuff works for a minute. i cant eat and for some reason im craving a hamburger. Also frusterating im trying to get this Marc Jacobs bag on e bay. start out price was 99 cents . i put 20 $ down now its up to 30. jeff is buying this for me. but if the price gets to high no can do. i think i deserve this bag seing how i wont be getting anything for Christmas. and on top of this i Am moving out of my house. sooo back to the old plan. I cant wait to have my life a again.....

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