Thursday, December 17, 2009

the year 2009

me at Beverly hills. didnt want this photo here. how do u move photos around?
a ton of photos from my 2009

getting ready for Halloween

I think one of the last days of babysitting :(......

my birthday gift from jeff

my best Friend laurel and i on my b day

jeffs tattoo

getting ready for tattoo

jeffs art at calavera

i spray painted at calavera skate shop. was my first time doing that

beas 25th silver party. bea josh me and jeff

i think i was drunk already

bea and I

my dad and i

My fave sparkling wine

my dads usual

the best thing i have ever ate in my life

my dad i forgot the name of this place but the food was the best ever!! Beverly hills

my dad and Nazareth at his cigar shop in Beverly hills

a kiss for jeff since he didnt get to go to CA

icky spider!!. its web was started from a drying line out side and it reached to the ground. the web was almost as tall as me and it was like 3 feet wide. this sucker was huge. click on the photo for more detail

yummy italian dinner San diego

the back entrance to the kayak place.

In San Diego with my aunts and cousin glen

new flats i got at the grove oooh purple leather

pinks hot dog place on merlrose LA amazing place!!

i loved the big coach pics The Grove

me looking dorky the tank that i had to wear

the fountain at the grove

my drink mimosa

at the Grove
i felt so out place in this restaurant, we just got done at the Price is Right show. i was embarrassed i had some stupid shirt that said spay an neuter your pets. so i quickly bought a new tank after that. omg!!! and i didn't know that this place was so fancy.

The grove LA

jeff and i about to do a power hour or throwing quarters into a shot glass game. i miss summer


ariana making a crazy face down town prescott

so cute
They loved jeff!!

ah the days of having good looking leg

my brother kyle at genoveces again

my boyfriend jeff. at genoveces for the second night in a row!!

my dad with kyle and i at sweet tart. what a great time!!

sweet tart yummyness too bad it closed!!!

my brother kyle

my dad was in town for fathers day went to genoveses twice in two days. they loved him !!

ariana biting a water balloon lol

jeff and i after the movies

ariana and asher. the two kids i babysat for. love them!!

she loved the pink color.

wow my hair was short then maybe i will get it cut this short again

me sunbathing i miss those days

jeff down town. i miss those days

they wanted to look pregnant it was soo funny

kids in the dryer lol

summer time going down town
jeff and i flying a kite at Prescott high school

me and my best little friend ariana. i miss her

she really loved make up so cute sometimes i would find her just sitting there rolling on her lip gloss for minutes lol!!

over all it was a good year. The last 4 months have not been good. its been the worse ever. losing my job losing my house . and a bunch of other bad things. so i hope for 2010 to be a better year!!


  1. ohhh I loved looking at these! So fun- looks like you had a really fun year. <333

  2. yea it was fun. it hasn't been lately but i hope for the best

  3. We always surprise my boyfriend and me with your wonderful images. I'm sorry about your work and everything in your house, I hope that 2010 would be best for you and for those you love.
    I really liked your graffiti, you're an amazing artist, of course, the tattoo on your arm design is it yours? It's incredible. My boyfriend is also an artist, he’s a sculptor and make Land Art, thanks to him, I met your photos and pictures on deviantart. I study anthropology and live in Mexico City.
    Next year I hope to read your blogs and seeing your extraordinary images. I thank you for sharing these bits of your life through your text and images.
    See you soon.
    Andrea Carolina Mendez.
    Thank you for visiting our blog, I promise to write, I am very slack.
    Excuse my bad English.

  4. is he the one who takes pics of you?? blonde :) i forgot his name on DA thank you for the comment